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BB Glow Treatment Online Course

Become the first BB Glow specialist in your town!

With an increasing popularity and high demand for BB Glow treatment, we are now offering Online Training for remotely located students. The course includes a Business Starter Kit with top-of-the-line products ($500 value), a video course,

a training guide, a 2-hour online video consultation, and ongoing post-training support.

  • Overview of the BB Glow treatment and microneedling procedure. 

  • Needle selection.

  • Right product selection, masks, and aftercare cream

  • Basic hygienic requirements, & Safety. 

  • Marketing strategy.

  • Introduction to LED Therapy and benefits.

  • Workstation set-up

With this course, you will learn an additional cutting-edge procedure, Carboxy Therapy.  We recommend it before the BB Glow procedure. We apply the carboxy gel on to the skin and follow with an activating fabric masque that contains lemon acid. It will start bubbling and the client will feel heat, tingling, and a prickly sensation.  Carboxytherapy helps to plump the skin, improves elasticity and wrinkles, and assists in getting rid of toxins. It will help to lighten and whiten the skin.

  • What needles should I use for microneedling?

  • What meso serums are available on the market? 

  • What are the contradictions for microneedling?

  • What are aftercare instructions?

  • What is the protocol for BB Glow procedure?

  • How do I combine BB Glow with Carboxy Therapy and LED Light Therapy?

  • Do the results of BB Glow will really last for a year?

  • What’s the difference between BB Glow and permanent make-up?


 Business Starter Kit 

BB Glow Academy training course fee includes a Business starter kit (€1000 value) which has all the tools and products required to start working right away including our high-quality Micropigmenation Pen the Beyond!

Join now and receive 10% discount on your online BB glow course!

use code: givemethe10

 Starter Kit includes  

The Beyond device

20 x  Derma Pen Needles

10 BB Serums including 2 DM Cell BB Ampoules, 3 MD+ Miraculous Dr, White Ampules (3 shades), 2 Derma Max Meta-MPS BB ampules (2 shades), 2 Camo Serums

5 pcs Carboxy Gel Therapy + 5 Activator Masks

Technical Training Manual

Certificate of Training Course Completion


What You Will Learn?

You will receive access to our online video and skin care class

where we show and explain all the essential parts and protocols of the procedure.


Whether you are an aesthetician,  microblading technician, or eyelash technician,

we will help you to keep your skills up-to-date and attract clients looking for modern skin care treatments.


Adding or starting a career in BB Glow’s procedures is a great opportunity for you to become financially independent.

This is a highly effective aesthetic procedure with immediate results. You will not have to look for the clients - the clients will find you!  

The online course

BB Glow Treatment Masterclass runs over one full day. During the course, the students will work closely with a trainer and live models. Content covered includes the following:

  • Overview of the BB GLOW treatment and micro-needling procedure. 

  • Appropriate pen selection for micro-needling. Needle length selection.

  • Introduction to products: Styave, Be balance, Carboxytherapy, masks

  • Basic hygienic requirements for the procedure cabinet of the master.

  • Aseptic and antiseptic procedures. Safety in work and sterilization.

  • Anesthesia for the procedure and anti-shock actions.

  • Protocol of the procedure.

  • Agreement with the client. Post-treatment care.

  • The financial side of the procedure

  • Introduction to Invasive and Non Invasive Carboxy Therapy.

  • Benefits of carboxytherapy.​

  • Contradictions.

  • Introduction to LED Therapy. 

  • Workstation Setup. 

  • Product Knowledge.

  • Client Consultation.​

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