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Pay attention! 20 pieces in a box!


The most wanted needle at the moment!

The new Wildchild needles can be treated on any part of the face without any effort. The needles are of high quality and slightly thicker than the current needles. This makes the needles a bit firmer and therefore easy to get into the skin, let the needle do the work! In addition, the needles are sterilized with EO high-pressure gas and are anti-back-flow.

Anti Backflow

0.30 mm thickness

easy to get into the skin

Suitable for any part on the skin

Sterilized with EO high pressure gas

The needles are suitable to use for treatments such as infralash, powder brows, lips and eyeliner.


Pay attention! 20 pieces in a box!

1P 0.30 MM (Wild Child 1.0)

Excluding Sales Tax
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