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The 3-LINER needle cartridge consists of 3 long needles of 0.25mm single needle diameter which allows you to create fine outlines in less time. This is very convenient when creating shades.
The CHEYENNE Safety Cartridges are sterile packed and ready to use. The needle cartridges are available in 20-piece boxes. They are not only compatible with our PowerBabe machine but also with all tattoo devices from CHEYENNE and any other tattoo machine with the universal docking system.


All our needle cartridges are equipped with a safety membrane to prevent the backflow of colors and bodily fluids entering the machine and the associated cross-contamination.


  • Supports low machine vibration
  • Single-use cartridges
  • Special safety membrane to seal backflow of any fluids
  • Super long taper – 5.5mm length
  • Taper geometry: Fine needle tip
  • Needle alignment: Straight.


Recommended for:

  • Eyebrows shading
  • Eyelash enhancement
  • Lip contour
  • Shading techniques, including full lips

Artyst - 3-Liner 0.25 (20 pcs.)

€ 36,00Prijs
excl. BTW
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