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Brick corrector 12 ml
Use concealer to cover gray and blue eyebrows, applying it carefully and building up as needed.


Mustard corrector 12 ml
Use this corrector for both purple and dark brown eyebrows. In the second case, mix it with the pigment.


Olive corrector 12 ml

Use this corrector for red and orange eyebrows.

Orange corrector 12 ml

The perfect color for correcting gray eyebrows or warming up your pigment. Add 1 or a maximum of 2 drops to achieve the desired warmth.



Use correctors when working with light older PMUs. If you see a clear, dark pigment, it is best to send the customer for removal first to lighten the pigment.


Highly pigmented!


Download the Face PM Pigments brochure here.

Face PM - Correctors

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excl. BTW
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