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A warm golden-brown shade made on a red base. It also complements with clients who have a red undertone in their hair. When working on the cold skin we recommend to use Cinnamon as a warming corrector in mixes with Hazel, Mocco and Espresso.

A saturated coffee shade on a red base, the darkest shade in the brow shade palette. Perfectly suits brunettes and those who desire a darker looklike it "darker". When working on a cold skin it recovers as a cold shade, despite the fact that this pigment has a warm base. It can also be mixed with Cinnamon to create a warmer pigment.

A neutral brown color made with a green base with added yellow and red.Upon recovery we get a gorgeous soft brown shade.As Hazel is neutral it adjusts to the skin. It would look a bit warmer on a warm skin and a bit colder on a cold skin accordingly. When working on a cold skin we recommend warming it with Cinnamon.


A rich brown shade made with a green base. A universal color that suits clients with dark-brown and brown hair. It recovers as a neutral brown shade. The addition of Cinnamon to the pigment can warm it up, making it suitable for clients with brown hair and a cold skin.

Samplekit Brows

Excluding Sales Tax
  • You can use each sample for about ten treatments depending on your usage. 

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