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A smaller size of the Supercream that is handy to give to your customers! A cream based on natural oils with healing properties for the treated skin.

Antioxidants and a complex of vitamins nourish, mosturize, protect the permanent makeup from ultraviolet radiation.


Bisabolol reduces skin irritation by reducing the level o fpro-inflamatory soyins in the skin. 


How to use?


  • Wipe the area of fresh PM and cleanface antibacterial foam, gently dry wit non woven wipes or dry cotton pad, apply a thin later of SUPERCREAM, 
  • ON THE 3RD - TH DAY, crusts form, it is necessary to refrain from getting water on the pmu area. continue using the SUPERCREAM until complete exfoliation. 


The cream promotes the elasticity of the skin during the healing process after a treatment. The cream retains as much of the original pigmentation as possible and strengthens the lipid barrier, which is essential for the skin after a treatment.

The cream forms a protective layer on the skin that prevents the penetration of bacteria and infections.

It promotes the build-up of the epidermis and shortens the healing time.

Face PM - Super Cream Healing Cream Mini

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